About Me

Marti Henry . . . . .

encompasses the rigorous discipline of a symphony musician
the creative spontaneity of a jazz musician, blended with
vision and responsibility to make YOUR dreams come true.

After finishing his studies in music and business, Marti made the bold move to accept a job as a symphony trombonist in Germany.

During this exciting period of his life he experienced the fall of the Berlin
Wall and successfully integrated himself into a new culture. With the help of
his father, an architect, he conceived and fulfilled his dream of building a
house with his own hands. As general contractor and hands on laborer, he was
responsible for every aspect of construction and coordination.

He honed his skills at listening and creative problem solving while leading the
orchestra players in contract negotiations and bringing a harmonious working
relationship between musicians and management. All in a foreign language!!!

Marti’s love of music did not stop with just playing the trombone in the orchestra. His passion for jazz led him to form his own band which he managed and led for 20 years, until his return to America.

No problem is too large to overcome. Perseverance, good planning, creative thinking and proper implementation make the difference between despair or triumph. Rest assured that Marti will apply the skills and energy that brought him success on
two continents to finding the fulfillment of YOUR goals. Marti will help guide you, in every detail, through the process of home buying or selling.

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