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Buy a HUD Home for $100 Down!

HUD homes may be purchased for only $100 down by successful bidders making a full price offer on the property.  Under this special program, FHA’s standard down payment requirement of 3.5% is waived. This program has no income restrictions!  HUD even provides the FREE appraisal.

To be eligible for this $100-down program, the buyer must use FHA financing and the loan cannot exceed the ‘appraised value’ of the property.

This special $100 down deal is available exclusively to owner-occupants.
If you plan on living in your next home as a primary residence,
you’ll also get priority status and the first chance to buy, before any investors do.
This special $100 down offer also applies to owner-occupant purchasers who obtain FHA Home Repair loans.

I strongly recommend contacting a reputable lender to help you compare available programs
and tailor a solution to your specific financial needs.

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